Friday, February 1, 2013

Food Waste Friday! Better ... Finally!


I just love The Frugal Girl blog. Really - just love!

Each week (well - most weeks) she blogs about her food waste, a kind of public declaration, aimed to reduce her own food waste. And she invites the rest of us to join her!

I've had a run of really disastrous Food Waste weeks,really just disastrous. But, it gave me the opportunity to clear out my fridge and take a closer look at my grocery shopping and meal planning.

And, as a result, I'm pleased to announce that I had a minimal food waste week! Yay!

I lost half a fresh pineapple, which went fizzy and fermented really quickly, and an avocado which was just so yucky and mushy when I cut into it that I couldn't bear even adding it to a smoothie. So out they both went.

And of course, I realized that I didn't take photos of my food waste, so instead you get a shot of my fridge and my two Little Ones (who are magically drawn to the fridge whenever they hear the door open ;-)

Now I just have to maintain my minimal food waste ... oh, the pressure!

How was your food waste this week? Feel free to share; I'd love to hear from you!