Thursday, October 29, 2015

Birthday Interview: Little Boy at Four

On my children’s birthdays, I interview them, asking them the same set of questions each year. It's fascinating to see how they’re changing and if they have interests that remain the same.

I first heard of these Birthday Interviews on the Sparkling Adventures blog (which is worth checking out, for free range, unschooling, travelling inclined folks).

Anyhoo, Little Boy and Baby Girl just turned four (FOUR!!) last week. And I'm finally getting around to posting part one of their interviews. Enjoy ... these guys are so cute! (I'll be posting Baby Girl's interview in a few days).


What are you going to be when you grow up?
A monster. 

What’s that going to be like?
I'll probably be a funny green monster. 

What are your favorite toys? 
Race cars. And nothing else. 

Who are your best friends? 
Feeny and Niko. 

What makes you happy? 
Building stuff and carving pumpkins. 

What makes you sad?
When people hurt me. 

When you dream at night, what do you dream about?
Riding my bike and pumpkins and that's it. 

What do you like to do with Papa? 
Hold hands and take a walk to the playground. 

What do you like to do with Mama?
Work on things

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite book?
The Star Wars books. 

What does Daddy do during the day?
Goes to work. 

What does Mama do during the day?
Stays with us.

What do you do during the day?
Ride my bike and climb trees. I can climb trees now because I'm 4!