Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Wooly Journey

I'm not a natural knitter, not one of those women who always has a craft project on the go or thinks that Martha rules.

I came to my knitting journey in kind of a round about way.  I'm not usually a big New Year resolution maker, but this year I vowed to have more downtime ... but what to do with it?  I'm not much for television, and nowadays sitting with a book for more than ten mintues makes me sleepy.  And then I came upon the idea for handicrafts - and knitting!

My first knitting project, the Deco-Ribbon Scarf

My own history with knitting is checkered at best; in the past, and in my childhood, I've started a couple of scarves that were so holey and so baggy they were quickly abandoned.  Honestly, they were hideous!

So, this time after practicing for a couple of weeks (knitting and purling randomly, casting on and off until my piece looked like an Impressionist recreating of knitting) I went out and bought the prettiest wool I could find in my price range, found a pattern online that didn;t make my head spin, and off I went.

That was a week ago, and what started as an exercise to force myself to sit down in the evenings, is quickly becoming something I'm really enjoying!  I'm creating something, that I could actually wear in the future, and it isn't hideously ugly!

Of course, me being me, I'm already being a little overly ambitious with my new found hobby, planning the extravagent Aran style sweaters that I'll be knitting for friends and family in the future.  But the quiet it gives, those peaceful moments at the end of the day when all that matters is counting my rows and keeping the cats away from my ball of yarn ... well, they have quickly become amoungst my favorite times of the day.

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