Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Fairy Tale, Part 1

Last January, we made a gingerbread house (this one from IKEA); after sitting lonely on the top of a bookcase for a while, it was adopted to become part of our Nature Shelf.

The Little Guy decided pretty quickly that this gingerbread house was where the Fairies in our home lived, and he just loves to go and visit the shelf to see what the Fairies are up to.

So when I made a trip to IKEA last week, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy another gingerbread house kit. We quickly assembled it, and when I told The Little Guy that he (he!) could decorate it, he was thrilled.

We made a simple icing of egg white, confectioners/icing sugar and vinegar, and added to a couple of drops of food coloring. Then I just divided it between four small zip lock bags, snipped a tiny bit of corner off each bag, and hey presto! - we have icing bags!

Then The Little Guy set to decorating his new Fairy Home.

He let me decorate a little of it too, which was more fun than I had anticipated. I also found out that piping is *not* a natural skill for me ;-)

The icing dried really quickly, and TLG added a garden, a shed and a skate board to the Fairy Home.

He has a spot all picked out in his room (right next to the head of his bed), and he reported that the Fairies loved their new home.

Such sweet and simple pleasures, building a Fairy Home!

Part 2 of a Fairy Tale posting soon!

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