Thursday, January 3, 2013

Glad to See You, 2013!

I'm not much a resolution maker these days. If you are anything like me, I start the new year with unreasonably high expectations, only to have my resolutions bite the dust with a week or two.

So, this year I'm setting some goals, rather than resolutions. Which I'm hoping will be more achievable. Hopefully!

The Little Guy and his Grandpa D., taking a moment to watch the world go by.

- I'd love to get my home a little more organized. I've been talking about this for a while, but I'm really making a priority of de-cluttering. in fact, I'm so determined that I'm vowing to de-clutter 2013 items in 2013. I'll keep you posted!

- I'd love to work on simplify-ing more too. Simplify-ing our routine and schedule. As much as I aim for a simple day to day routine, it could certainly use a little more tweaking.

- More fun; less angst!

- Less computer; more creativity!

- And ... perhaps most importantly, I'd like to be a little kinder to myself this year. Take more time for me; slow down; indulge every now and then. Doesn't that sound lovely?

What are your goals for the coming year? Feel free to share; I'd love to hear from you!