Monday, June 29, 2015

The Simple Joy of Blogging Simply

The thing with blogging is that, these days, there are so *many* blogs out there. And so many blogs out there about everything you could possibly imagine, from travel to writing, from parenting large families to 'what I'm wearing today' blogs.

It can be hard to find a niche, something fascinating that an audience will want to read about day in and day out. And how to write, with content rich blogs, easily searchable by Google, for higher rankings and what-not. And there was a time that those things were really important to me, when I read the books and learned all I could about creating content rich pieces, driving search engine optimization and reaching a larger audience.

Fun for some folks? Maybe! Fun for me? Not so much.

So now I blog much more simply. I write for fun, because I enjoy it, on things I want to share.

A much better fit for me and my simpler lifestyle!

Which is why you won't see posts from me everyday, or even every week. And why I don;t run give-aways and ad campaigns, links to eBooks and online groups. All great things ... but not for me.

And honestly, there is enough content out there; I do not need to be another of the voices here in internet land contributing to the daily in-box clutter of unread emails and blogs!

So, I'll just be over here, simply blogging at my own pace about things that I find interesting, simply!