Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Year of Gratitudes

I've been actively working this year, on gratitude, on being more grateful, and slowing down to say thank you more. All good things.

I recently heard about a different way of looking at gratitudes from Julie Bogart (the owner of Brave Writer, and all around homeschool advocate and Wonder Woman). Her advice was to look for the surprise of happy each day - the little things that make us happy. Isn't that lovely?!!

One of the things Julie Bogart mentioned was that finding things each day to be grateful for can start to be a burden ... "oooh! the stress of finding three things to be grateful for today ... "

So! It's Thanksgiving! Perfect time to be thankful, look for gratitudes, and start paying more attention to those Surprises of Happy!

1. Dinner ready in the crock pot at the end of a long and busy day.

2. Being invited to the museum that The Little Guy had set up in his bedroom ... it was pretty amazing! He set up different exhibits and artifacts, created a tour guide brochure and a map. It, and he, are pretty awesome <3

3. Sunday night with my Scholé Sisters; wonderful friends who amazingly share my love of things literary, cerebral, goofy, raucous and irreverent. They're wonderful.

4. Children old enough to do painting projects without making a huge mess. 

5. Moby Dick. 
Yes - I'm reading Moby Dick (well, technically, I'm listening to it on Audible), and so far I'm enjoying it. Let's see if it lasts. 

6. Being mostly caught up with laundry. 

7. Half an hour at Target. Alone. It was pretty glorious. 

8. Having friends who challenge me to think outside my box, push me to go beyond my own preconceived ideas. 

9. Branston pickle. 

10. Scalding hot showers.

And you?! What is on your Gratitude List these days?
I'd love to hear from you!