Monday, August 29, 2016

Advocating Pokemon Passions

Earlier this summer, Hawkeye discovered Pokemon, and it has been the ongoing theme of our summer. He  saved his allowance and got a new (used) stack of Pokemon cards, and was just beside himself!

 This has proved to be a real learning experience for me. I look down on  Pokemon, as having little value and as just a pop culture phenom, but I raise up things like astronomy and ornithology (two of Hawkeye's other obsessions) as having real academic worth. It occurred to me that this approach of mine was not in alignment with the homeschooling values I created, during an online workshop with Sarah Mckenzie, from Read-Aloud Revival.  I want to advocate my children's passions. And I was not.

Despite collecting Pokemon cards for a month or two, Hawkeye has yet to use the cards in a battle or play Pokemon Go. Instead he sorts or organizes them, by type, by number and by evolution stage (he is not a particularly organized kid).

He practices reading the names and strengths (he's a reluctant reader).

We have discussed evolution, health and strength, and the differences between the elemental groups (electric vs water vs magnetic vs Plant).

Add in the memorization! He has memorized a HUGE number of facts about his Pokemon cards.

Now he's moved on to dictating his own Pokemon fan fiction and poetry, designing Pokemon models and creating his new cards.

Which is all good stuff; great stuff, even. It is a good reminder that sometimes learning doesn't look like book learning!

What have your children been learning this summer? What are their passions?!
And am I the only one who finds discussing Pokemon for hours, well, a little tedious?!
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