Monday, August 22, 2016

Coming Home

{I think, hope, that you will excuse this somewhat stream of conscious style post. 
I decided that raw and honest is the way to go here, rather than polished and reserved.
 I'll fill in the gaps on upcoming posts, pinky promise!} 

It is always interesting to me to see the wax and wane of my writing this blog; the times when I feel drawn to sharing what is happening in my life, and when I do not.

It occurred to me this past few weeks that the periods when I am not writing, sharing and posting are usually because I am not living simply. My days have felt rushed, stress filled, and to be frank, I would not feel authentic posting about living Simply, in the 'Burbs!

This past year has been one of those times. Although there has been so much good (deep, soul nourishing good!) there has also been some dark days, times of anxiety and chaos, both emotionally and within our schedule.

This is not to say that all is now perfect (news flash! Life is not and never will be, I believe, perfect), but I am certainly feeling that I am returning to a place of authenticity, to joy and a stillness that I haven't known for at least a year. It has, in short, felt like coming home.

Ironically, this shift was in large part nudged by a shift in our home education curriculum chooses. After a year or two of a more rigorous, albeit still unschooling-ish, approach, I recognized that my three young children would be best served by a somewhat dreamier, slower paced rhythm. and so, after a three year hiatus, we returned to a more Waldorf based curriculum. It has allowed me to reshape my children's days, and be more honest about what they need, and to let go a little of my own expectations.

That, alongside my own inner work (therapy! yoga! prayer! but more on that another day!) and the courage to be true to my own needs and my authentic self, have been massive game changers this year.

It feels so good to be back. Living our days with a slower pace, with more of an eye to my needs, and those of my family.

So good!