Friday, November 9, 2012

More Thrifty Shoes

I love a deal! Who doesn't?

After my pregnancy with the two Little Ones, my feet grew, and just haven't gone back to their original size. Which would have been fine if we were just talking about a half shoes size, but my feet have gone up a full one and a half shoes sizes.

So, all my lovely shoes don't fit.

Now, I can see what many people would think! "Great! Now you get to go shoe shopping!"

But it just wasn't in my budget (I've been spoiled over the years with good quality shoes, and I just couldn't face the thought of going back to inexpensive, uncomfortable shoes).

A little online research, and a little friendly chatting to friends, and I found The Clog Outlet, which sells lots of high quality shoes at cheaper prices.

In the end I got those super-lovely Sanita clogs for a steal (I paid under $30, but they were factory seconds). I'm hoping these will last me at least a couple of years, and all told I saved over a $100 - not bad for half an hour's armchair research!

Do you have a favorite online retailer for factory seconds or discount prices? Feel free to share in the comments below; I'd love to hear from you!