Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Snows and Simple Pleasures

Winter here in the Mid-Atlantic area has been rather hit and miss these past few years. Last year we didn't really have a winter at all (or none that was really discernible) while the year before we were hit with Snow-Maggedon!

Four year old Little Guy has been desperate for snow for quite some time. He was rewarded with some flurries last week, on the first day of Winter, and a couple of inches on Boxing Day, or the day after Christmas Day. He was giddy!

Snow shoveling and sledding in just an inch or two of snow isn't easy, but it was enough to make him happy.

His morning was made up of such simple pleasures ...
Two inches of snow.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Playing with his new wooden marble run.
Robot pajamas.
A tub ... and a shower! (One was to get clean, the other to warm up after playing outside).
Playing with Grandpa D and Grandma S, who are visiting from overseas.
Snuggling under blankets.
Reading his new book (The Tomten, by Astrid Lindgren) again ... and again!
Yogurt for lunch, when the rest of us were stuck with stinky (blue!) cheese.

A happy boy.

What are your favorite Simple Pleasures?  Feel free to share; I'd love to hear from you.