Monday, July 20, 2015

A Day of Blurgh

I had a lovely post planned for today. It was thoughtful, sweet, well written, proofed and linked, that just needed a little last minute research and delightful photos added. 

And then sometimes life just gets in the way. 

Instead, I bring you this - a day of blurgh. A couple of weeks of poor sleep culminated in a truly awful night last night, so in a hope to bring a little 'real' here is what my day is looking like. 

Children in pajamas, watching Octonauts, in nests of unfolded, clean laundry. And realistically this is what our day will look like, all day. 

And that's okay. Because it isn't forever, it's just for today. 

Sometimes you just have to know to quit while you're ahead, accept gracefully, and let it go. 

Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll get back to our normal routine, the lesson plans and the to do list. But not today. Today is tea, toast, knitting and couch. And Octonauts.