Friday, September 28, 2012

A Goodnight Walk

On a recent evening, after our family meal, we loaded up the little ones into the stroller, and we headed out for a walk.

The evenings are starting to get a little cooler now, and it felt good to have the slightest of nips in the air. The Little Guy raced down the sidewalk ahead of us, stopping only to check out some mushrooms that have suddenly started growing in a neighbors yard. We all stopped to look at them, and wonder where they came from, and so suddenly too. None of us could remember seeing them yesterday, and yet there they were - well established mushrooms!

We decided that we would stop by a local playground, really not much more than a 'tot lot'; I offered five minutes for The Little Guy to play on the slide and climbing frame there, but he sighed, and negotiated for two minutes! I agreed, and still let him play for five!

Onward! There was a lovely bright half moon, and we all took turns to say "Hello Mr Moon!", and commented on how luminous it was, how close it seemed. The Little Guy and My Good Man trecked off on a mushroom hunt ("We're going on a mushroom hunt, a mushroom hunt, a mushroom hunt" they chanted), while I brought up the rear with the littles in the stroller.

"It's like we're on a goodnight walk" said The Little Guy. "Maybe we should walk alllll night!"  Two minutes later, his energy started to sag, and we looked for a little pathway we remembered that would lead us back in the direction of home.

Traipsing down pathways, cut through the landscaping behind neighborhood homes, we looked for rabbits and more mushrooms, but found neither.

By the time we got closer to home, The Little Guy had gone from alternating between walking and scampering on ahead, to asking to be carried the rest of the way. Nearly home, and we ran into a neighbor, someone we hadn't seen in well over a year; hugs and exclamations all round. Good news shared from all, and the Littles got cooed over.

The last stretch ... we stopped to look at the mushrooms int he neighbor's yard one last time. They were still there! And home; each of us were a little colder than we had prepared for. Into the house, door locked. Lamps and pajamas on.

A goodnight walk!