Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So much ...

If I had to list my roles I would have to start out with

1. mama, and
2. wife

Then there would be

3. work-at-home-mama
4. homemaker (cook, cleaner, bottle-washer!)

But, somewhere in my list of roles, I would have to add

8. Ridder-of-stuff

We live pretty frugally and I don't buy a lot of 'stuff'. Gone are the days when we would go to our local Target store just to see what was there, and invariably come home with bags of stuff that we never knew we needed!

These days we are a cozy family of five living in a pretty small house, and there are times that I feel we are just drowning in 'stuff'. Despite my best intentions, and the nearly constant flow of things leaving the house (whether it be through selling items, giving them away or freecycling), we just have so much 'stuff' left to live with.

I'm rather envious of friend's homes that are less cluttered than mine. Did they collect less? Give more away?

Or do they just have better storage than me?!

For now though, I'll just continue with my role, as the family's Ridder-of-stuff.

What are your favorite ways to find new homes for your no-longer-needed stuff?


  1. I have a goal of getting rid of one box of stuff every week. (We've collected a lot over the years!) I'm sure some of it is worth selling, but I know that if I keep it around, waiting to sell it, that I'll eventually change my mind and keep it! So we take it all to Goodwill! :)

    P.S. I found your blog from your comment on The Artful Parent. Love it, so far! :)

    1. Thanks for your support Laurie - so glad you found me!

      I love your plan to donate a box every week; we love Goodwill too!

      I'm planning/hoping to do a semi-regular series called Upcycling Sunday, where we can share what items we have recently upcycled, sold or gifted - I'm planning to post the first one tomorrow! Wheee :-)