Monday, September 24, 2012

A Nature Shelf! {week 4, September 2012}

I'm a little in love with the additions to this week's Nature Shelf!

For the forth week in the nature table monthly cycle, we're adding a human element ... which in our case usually means gnomes or pixies or fairies. Because that's just the way we roll around here!

The two little wooden figures made their way to the Nature Shelf a couple of days ago, but I made the little nut cap man last week and tucked him onto the shelf last night; he was just so wonderfully easy to make too! His body is a pipe cleaner, with a wooden bead head and then a simple little felt tunic and an acorn top hat ... and he's just the right size too! So sweet!

I think we'll be seeing more of these little pipecleaner bendy men in the future!