Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On my pins

I've been somewhat neglectful of my knitting projects over the past couple of months ... I dug my knitting bag out a couple of weeks ago, and found three long-forgotten projects still on my needles.

One was a mobius cowl that was about half done. (I followed this lovely pattern from The Purl Bee.)

Then there was the door snake that I started knitting two winters ago; I initially started this one when I was first pregnant with my two littles ... in the winter of 2010! Nearly finished, it just needs to stuffed and tied off.

And lastly, a simple scarf, that honestly I've been working on and off with for as long as I can remember. (This was so boring, that I took the project off the needles, and used the yarn to make knitted string to hang art from. Much more exciting ;-)

Now, I love knitting ... curling up for an evening, or a few quiet moments throughout the day. But I realised at I looked at these three projects, that I wasn't working on them because they were ... well, they were boring!  There was no stitch counting, no challenge, nothing to break up the monotony, it was just knit knit knit ...

So - a challenge was in order!

I've been interested in more wool for my Little Ones for a while, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. A pair of woolen Longies was in order!

I found a sweet pattern online at Tiny Birds Organics and started just over a week ago. I'll admit that I was a little nervous at first (more like terrified!).  I was using a smaller needle than I was used to, and real wool yarn, and a real pattern that involved more instruction than the occasion purled line.

But so far these are knitting up like a dream. Can't wait for them to be finished!