Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keeping it Real

That has always been a mission of mine on this blog, to keep it real!

So, in the spirit of telling it like it is, I have an update on yesterday's blog post, where I talked about making a schedule a simpler one (you can read that post here).

No sooner had saved that post, when my smoke detector went off.

Because the pizza I had in the oven had dripped all over the red hot element.

Because I was such a hurry that I forgot to put the pizza on a pan.

And why pizza? Because I was too busy to make 'real food'!

So there you go folks! Even those Simple Schedules can get thrown off sometimes (today by nearly sick kiddos, a tired mama, and an over ambitious to-do list).

Ah well ...

No pictures today I'm afraid; it just didn't occur to me to take photos of the fire in the oven! And don't worry, I was able to put the fire out without too much palaver. I'll take this incident as a reminder that even those best plans, to live simply and with intent, can be way laid sometimes :-)