Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Happened When Life Got Un-Simple

The past couple of months have been pretty quiet here at the Simply, in the 'Burbs blog. I went from posting pretty regularly, to ... well, nothing!

A couple of months back, I got ill. Not desperately, life threateningly ill, but sick enough where day to day life as we knew it here in the Simply, in the 'Burb's home just ground to a halt for a month or so.

Now I know this sounds pretty bad. And although it wasn't a great experience at the time, what it did was give me the opportunity to reevaluate what we were doing, what was working for us, and what wasn't.

It has taken about three months for life to get back to 'normal' (in quotations, because I don't think life is ever 'normal', not really!) And a lot has changed over the past couple of months, and our priorities have shifted quite a lot.

But really, the biggest realization that I had, was that life in general had become decidedly un-simple. My Good Man and I were chasing our tails, beyond exhausted, and our collective stress level was way too high.

This is a lot of talk to say that basically, we slowed down. We are focusing more on family and home, on joy and fun. More sleep, less angst. All good stuff!

I'll be writing more about some of the changes we have made around here in the days and weeks to come, but all in good time.

Right now, I feel ready to get back to writing here at Simply, in the 'Burbs and have it be the joyful, fun, wonderful thing that it was for me ... are you ready?!

And how have the past couple of months been treating you? Well, I hope! I'd love to hear from you; feel free to share in the comments!