Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Planning

Each week I make a menu plan (well, most weeks!)

I have found that spending just a few minutes each weekend, planning ahead what our evening meals will be, make our days much smoother. No more last minute rushing or runs for expensive carry out food.

I tend to base my meal plans on a couple of factors:

- what fresh produce do I have available in the fridge,
- what we have available in the pantry,
- what our schedule looks like for each day,
- and, using my psychic abilities to correctly predict what every member of my family will want for dinner on each day.

At this stage, I only make one evening meal; the two Little Ones eat the same as we do, which makes meals a little easier.

One other thing! We are a vegetarian family, although we do eat eggs, some dairy, and very occasionally fish. I also try to follow a mostly gluten free diet, so although the rest of my family are not gluten free, evening meals are typically GF.

This week is fairly typical, schedule-wise, so our menu is pretty typical too!

     Fish Sticks
     Roasted Broccoli

     White Bean and Hominy Chilli
     Green Salad

     Chicks and Pots (Roasted Chickpeas and Sweet Potatoes)
     Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms

     Spinach Pesto Pizza

     Open Faced Burritos (Brown Rice and Black Beans)
     Avocado Slices
     Egg Salad, with Green Salad

     Rustle (We love Rustle in our home! Those meals where you pull all sorts of leftovers together to make a meal? Rustle!)

So what is your menu planning for this week looking like? Do you make a menu plan each week? Feel free to share, or post a link back to your own menu planning blog; I'd love to hear from you!