Monday, May 6, 2013

A Nature Shelf

The irony of my life really amuses me sometimes! I strive to live a simple, uncluttered life, and yet I set myself up to do things that help create an inherently un-simple life!

Like my Nature Shelf.

This was a lovely feature of our home, and one that my three Little Ones really enjoy. But, truth be know, it was becoming a source of much stress for me. I was rushing to switch out the shelf, or staying up late to make something for it, and generally spending too much time on it.

So I stopped!

I should not have been so surprised, but all three Little Ones still enjoyed looking at it, and The Little Guy still stopped by to talk to the Fairies there on a daily basis, even though it didn't change at all for nearly three months. The earth kept spinning, despite the fact that I was not changing the shelf on a weekly basis ;-)

It is okay.

My plan going forward is to make changes on a much slower basis, maybe changing it out completely with the change of each season, which feels much more reasonable. I rather like the acknowledgement of the seasonal changes, as opposed to the monthly calendar.

So here is our Spring Shelf; the silk reminds me of the lovely cherry blossom petals so famous in the mid-Atlantic area. The toadstool was found at the bottom of a storage box, a forgotten trinket. The Little Guy immediately presented it to the Gnomes and Fairies, who apparently love it!

And like a lot of things that we release, letting go of the need to do this so frequently, as just felt like a HUGE weight rolling off my shoulders.

A deep breathe ... and the world is still spinning!

Are you doing anything in your home to reflect the outdoor season? Feel free to share in the comments, or leave a link back to your own blog; I'd love to hear from you!