Monday, May 27, 2013

Menu Planning

I had a difficult time with my menu plan last week; I planned my meals for the week, blogged about it ... and then pretty much ignored it. Which led to some food waste (which is very annoying) ... but! - the cause of the menu plan ignoring, the food waste and the unplanned non-blogging (I haven't posted anything in nearly a week)?! I was suddenly compelled to do some major spring cleaning around the Simply Burbs home. I am not a cleaner by nature, so I know better than to interfere when the mood strikes me! I got lots of sorting, cleaning and organizing done around here, which was well worth falling off the meal plan for the week!

But - back to this weeks plan!

 Little Boy, very proud of 'helping' mama with the menu plan.

We are still eating down the cupboards and freezer, which is certainly making for some interesting meals. I am also experimenting more with some gluten free baking, thanks in no small part to the encouragement of my GF friends, and my intense cravings for anything sweet and baked!

      Spinach and Mushroom Pizza (with an almond flour crust, from The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, by Elena Amsterdam)

     Veggie and Brown Rice Stir Fry

     Pasta and Homemade Pasta Sauce, with Roasted Beets

     Rice and Pinto Beans, with Avocado and Tomatoes

     Pasta Salad, with Sauteed Squash

     Homemade Black Bean Burgers, with Quinoa and Roasted Corn

     Quiche and Salad (quiche made with almond flour crust, from Elena Amsterdam's cookbook!)

How is your menu plan looking this week? Feel free to share or add a link back to your own menu plan blog post; or join us over at Organizing Junkie, for her Menu Plan Monday blog link-up. I'd love to hear from you!