Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Waste Friday: Three for Three?!


I just love The Frugal Girl blog. Really - just love!

Each week (well - most weeks) she blogs about her food waste, a kind of public declaration, aimed to reduce her own food waste. And she invites the rest of us to join her!

I did a clean of my fridge. Reorganized my cupboards a bit. Had a rummage through my pantry. And what did I find?

Nothing that constituted waste!

Nothing got thrown out this week at all, and I didn't find anything lurking that was ready for the trash bin. So this marks my third zero Food Waste week in a row (save for a couple of bad pieces of fruit; they were bad when I bought them, so I don't count this as a fault on my part!)

Now Food Waste and I have had some really awful times in the past, so I'm curious as to what is so different now. We are not really eating different foods, but I have started to shop really differently, and this may just be the key for us.

We are now doing just about all our shopping in bulk. All of our pantry items are bought in bulk so they are almost always on hand. Then each week I am just buying produce for the week, and that is about it.

I started to write out a more detailed list of my grocery shopping list, but it started to get really long. I'll save it for another day!

How was your food waste this week? Feel free to share, or add a link back to your own blog; I'd love to hear from you!