Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Planning

Evening meals here at the Simply Burbs home are simple affairs. Between busy working schedules, three children and a weekly grocery budget, we don't tend to go in for fancy cooking.

I am a huge fan of bulk cooking, whether it be cooking double or triple servings of a meal, with the goal of freezing the extras, or cooking large amounts of single ingredients, such as beans or rice, so that they can be used in a variety of ways throughout the coming week.

This week's menu is a typical one for us; we are having a 'cupboard' week this week - using up some of the things that are hidden in the back of the pantry, or at the bottom of the freezer.

      Brown Rice and Pinto Bean open-face Burritos, with Avocado (both the rice and the beans will come from the freezer)

     Raw veggies with Hummus, Chickpea Salad

      Pesto Potato Soup, with black olive bread (potatoes and pesto from the freezer; we have a can of olives in the pantry, and bread flour stored in the freezer to make the bread with)
     White Bean Chilli (beans are from the freezer; they were bulk cooked from dried in the crock pot, and then frozen)

     Egg Salad

     Picnic Dinner (we are going to an outdoor concert, and will take a simple dinner of bread and cheese, olives and fruit)

      Gluten free pasta, and home made sauce (from the freezer stash!)

How about you? what is on your menu for the upcoming week? Feel free to share, or add a link back to your blog post; or join us over at Organizing Junkie, for her Menu Plan Monday blog link-up. I'd love to hear from you.