Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the Cutting Table

Early morning, and there are certainly other things I should be doing. But, no! - I'm sipping my tea, setting up my sewing machine, and getting ready to cut into some fabric, making two little bags, one for Baby Girl and one for My Little Boy.

And all this by candlelight!

Earlier this year, making a night bag for The Little Guy was one of the first sewing machine projects I tackled, a little bag to keep his PJs and night time book in. I find it takes a lot of the dithering and uncertainty out of the bedtime routine if night attire and books are already chosen. And it's fun to zoom around the house with your night time bag at your side! (The fabric for the bag below was printed by Spoonflower; they do custom printing, so I took an picture that The Little Guy had drawn, and made it up into a yard of fabric! Cute, huh?!)

Now the weather is turning chillier, and the two Little Ones are actually wearing PJs, it's time for them to have their night bags too. And me? I get to spend my morning sipping tea, and cutting and pinning! Simple pleasures!