Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrifty Finds

One of my biggest dislikes is spending money in ways that could have been easily avoided with a little more fore thought. Last season's clothes for the three Little Ones was a perfect example. I totally missed the local consignment sales, and I never seemed to make it to the local thrift stores when they had any decent children's items in, until I had left it too late. Inevitable,  the warmer weather was upon us, and I ended up buying brand new items for all three kids. Ugh ...

So this season I vowed to be more organized.

I did an inventory of the clothes I already had for them; sweaters and pants for The Little Guy, hand me downs for My Little Boy, and hardly anything for Baby Girl.

I then made a point to make time to go to a couple of local consignment stores on a weekly basis (using gift vouchers I bought through one of those online deal sites, no less!)

And then filled in the blanks with a visit to a big consignment sale a week or so ago.

Three children, fully clothed head to toe for under $120? Yes please!

My proudest finds for the season were shoes and boots, all found at either consignment stores or consignment sales. All three now have winter footwear, and the prices were pennies compared to the cost brand new.

And? They're cute/smart/warm! Double yay!

What have been your best thrifty finds just recently? How do you like to save money on your family's wardrobe? Feel free to leave a comment; I'd love to hear from you!