Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Function Over Form

It's so interesting to see how our little home has changed over the past couple of years. Just over the past five years it has seen several incarnations, from the home of a young (-ish!) married couple, to parents to one, and now parents to three!

We have been on a bit of quest more recently to make our home as functional as possible, this small space that we live in. Some of that means taking a lot of 'stuff' out, which I talk about more here.

And part of this process has been about letting go of form and embracing function, accepting that our house won't necessarily look pretty right now, but it will certainly be more user friendly, and will make life just that little bit simpler!

And with two very mobile Little Ones, Baby Girl and My Little Boy, climbing on and pulling out all manner of things, this means that we have been doing some extreme child proofing ...

Attaching the trash and recycling cans in our kitchen with bungee cord.

like this!

Vacuum left permanently plugged in (with a safety cover!) in our dining room.

And this!

Definitely not pretty, but certainly functional!

What have you done in your home to bring in function over form? And is it helping to make your life simpler? Feel free to share in the comments below; I'd love to hear from you!